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 Coming Fall of 2017!  But here is the list of books.
Anderson, John David. (2016). Ms. Bixby’s last day.
Bahkin, Nora Raleigh. (2016). Nine, ten: A September 11 story.
Brown, Don. (2015). Drowned city: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.
Brown, Peter. (2016). The wild robot. 
Connor, Leslie. (2016). All rise for the honorable Perry T. Cook.
Dinerstein, Eric. (2016). What elephants know. 
Gephart, Donna. (2016). Lily and Dunkin.
Gratz, Alan. (2016). Projekt 1065.
Griffin, Paul. (2016). When friendship followed me home.
Harrington, Karen. (2016). Mayday.
Holt, K.A. (2015). House arrest.
Jung, Mike. (2016). Unidentified suburban object. 
Lawson, Jessica. (2016). Waiting for Augusta.
Pearsall, Shelley. (2016). The seventh most important thing.
Peck, Richard. (2016). The best man.
Pennypacker, Sara. (2016). Pax.
Reynolds, Jason. (2016). As brave as you.
Sales, Leila. (2016). Once was a time.
Vaught, Susan. (2015). Footer Davis probably is crazy. 
Wolk, Lauren. (2016). Wolf hollow.


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